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About Us

There are a few cars in the world that evoke the same level of passion as the XY GTHO Phase 3 Falcon, described By Allan Moffatt as;


"...Simply one of the best cars in the world, a true GT that could take on Ferraris and Astons on their own terms..." by Sports Car World


It was the fastest 4 door production sedan in the world…and we all had posters of Ford GT, GTHO’s, XB Hardtops like John Goss specials, Allan Moffatt specials and then the XC Cobra…. One day we dreamt of having our own..


And for the owners of the GT Shop, the story was the same. They share the same passion for the brand and the dream, so much so they started a business dedicated to the restoration, servicing and supply of premium parts for GT’s.


Through hard work, innovation and lot of research the GT Shop has sourced a huge range of parts from Grand Tourers, to the Luxury Fairlane, and Ford Fairmont. A lot of these parts have been faithfully re-created or sourced so you can restore your or repair your dream GT Falcon with that authentic OEM look and feel.


The vision was to have a one stop shop, a place where building the dream is normal and not some nutty thing you do in the shed and no one gets. We believe today we have achieved that.


We get GT’s are a way of life.


Contact us today and let us know about your project and to learn how we can help you to bring it to life.